Ep. 4 - Kick It Up a Notch

The incredible thing about hosting is that big problems can fail to derail a good party and tiny details can really kick it up a notch. The odds are always stacked in your favor and that's before Jared and Chuck share their favorite tips for kicking your gathering up a notch. Here there be hidden clothing caches, dope techno magic tricks, and fruit foraging at a moments' notice. And Jared raps.

Show Notes

Chuck was drinking Sun Up Brewing's White Russian Imperial Coffee Stout

Jared was drinking North Coast Brewing's Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

Jared is the only one who eats a forgotten dessert (warning: terrible video)

SmartThings enables Jared to feel like a wizard.

Google Home enables Chuck's family to troll him musically.

Our Recipes:

Chuck's signature Sous Vide Cheesecakes

Loaded fries