Ep. 10 - Invite with Intent

An invitation always feels good, but sometimes it's a lifesaver. Chuck and Jared discuss some of the most impactful invitations they've received and (even though the movie was kind of lame) how they try to pay it forward. Here there be blue bashing, primal parenting, mushy moments. And Jared does not rap.

Show Notes

Chuck was drinking an eye-popping blue margarita.

Jared was drinking a cocktail which needs a name. Made with Snowfall Vermont Whiskey from Appalachian Gap Distillery.

Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table by Shauna Nyquist

Some of our go-to board games:

Chuck - Small World and Wise and Otherwise

Jared - Mad Gab and Balderdash

Never ever - Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity

Our Recipes

As-Yet-Unnamed Cocktail

Jared's Blue Ranger Margarita