What is this podcast and who in the heck are you guys?

Fair questions, but isn’t a better question, “What took you guys so long to do this?” 

In a day in which podcasting is less of a unique media format and more of an assumed activity for masses of hobbyist-turned-“experts”, is it really any surprise that a couple of guys who enjoy the occasional dinner-party or BBQ would think themselves qualified to host a show like this?

Of course not. This was inevitable. It had to happen.

We’re Chuck Tommervik and Jared Carter. We enjoy three things: Hosting friends, feeding said friends, the sounds of our own voices, and exceeding expectations.

We’re not professional chefs, party planners, or internet personalities. In fact, we both happen to work in tech-support. We’re nothing special, and that’s kinda the point.

We non-special guys want to encourage you non-special guys to do something extraordinarily special. To invite people into your homes and share a home-cooked meal, a cold drink and some laughs. To build relationships and strengthen communities through the ancient act of collective calorie consumption. To be vulnerable in a way that is easier than you first thought, and more rewarding than you ever imagined possible. 

We are the Company Men, and we hope you enjoy listening to our show as much as we enjoy making it, if that’s even possible.